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What was the relationship between Tycho and Kepler?

What was the relationship between Tycho and Kepler?

 Question 1

What was the relationship between Tycho and Kepler?

Tycho worked for Kepler
Kepler worked for Tycho
Tycho and Kepler were competitors
They made the same discoveries independently

Question 2
What is the semimajor axis (in AU) of a planet with an orbital period of 75 years?

Question 3

What was Galileo’s final punishment for his disagreement with the Catholic Church?
He served 10 years in prison.
He was fined the equivalent of 10 years wages.
He was sentenced to death.
He was placed under house arrest for life.

Question 4
The statement: “A planet’s orbital period squared is equal to its semimajor axis cubed.” is also known as …
Kepler’s Second Law
Newton’s Law of Gravity
Kepler’s First Law
Kepler’s Third Law

Question 5
The idea that planets do not move at constant speeds in their orbits can be attributed to…

Question 6
What is the force of gravity (in Newtons) acting between the Earth and a 125-kg person standing on the surface of the Earth?

Question 7
What is the force of gravity (in Newtons) acting between the Sun and a 4,500-kg rocket that is 0.75 AU from the Sun?

Question 8
What is the force of gravity (in Newtons) acting between the Earth and a 5-kg bowling ball that is resting on the surface of the Earth?

Question 9
What is the force of gravity (in Newtons) acting between the Earth and a 100-kg person who is on board the International Space Station, 350 km above the surface of the Earth?

Question 10
The first proof that the Earth orbits the Sun was provided by…
Galileo’s observation of the phases of Venus
Kepler’s Laws
Newton’s Law of Universal Gravity
Tycho’s observations of the motion of Mars

Question 11
Which of the following did Galileo not observe with his telescope?
mountains on the Moon
the planet Neptune
sun spots
the moons around Jupiter

Question 12
The statement: “Planets move in ellipses with the Sun at one focus.” is also known as …
Kepler’s Third Law
Newton’s Law of Gravity
Kepler’s Second Law
Kepler’s First Law

Question 13
When Kepler began his work, which solar system model was able to make the most accurate predictions?
Ptolemy’s model
Tycho’s model
Copernicus’ model
All the models were more or less equivalent

Question 14
The statement: “An object in motion will continue in motion unless acted on by an outside force.” is also known as…
Kepler’s First Law
Kepler’s Third Law
Kepler’s Second Law
Newton’s First Law

Question 15
What key event allowed Kepler to develop his own model for solar system motion?
Galileo’s invention of the telescope
The 30-Years War
The Papal Inquisition
The untimely death of Tycho

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