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Remind us of the future GAP in the literature you identified last week- Or of a new one. This will be the GAP that you will be basing your work on for this course.

Remind us of the future GAP in the literature you identified last week- Or of a new one. This will be the GAP that you will be basing your work on for this course.

structions for this discussion:

1.  Remind us of the future GAP in the literature you identified last week- Or of a new one. This will be the GAP that you will be basing your work on for this course. If you prefer, you can find a different GAP as long as you support it with citations (ie. existing research).  This is important as this is where you provide the impetus for your study and where your hypothesis is derived from.  Write 3-4 sentences explaining this GAP, or purpose,  to us. Make sure to use citations.  Typically a short paragraph like this will include multiple citations for each point.

2.  Post a research alternate hypothesis (H1) and null hypothesis (Ho) based on the GAP you identified.

3.  Identify your Independent Variable (IV) and your Dependent Variable (DV).

4.  What would it look like if your IV is categorical and your DV is continuous?

5.  Before you begin on finding how you will measure your variables, let’s consider a few things:

  1. What are things you need to look for in your measure?
  2. How can you tell if a measure is a valid and reliable one? What does that mean?

As always, please post your initial post by Wednesday and make sure to check back regularly to respond to questions and comments. You are required to respond to posts from your professor.   Make sure to post to at least two peers with substantive feedback, questions or insights.

The discussion is an important part of the learning process in this class- Let’s use it wisely! It is wonderful to let your peer know they are doing a great job or their topic is interesting, however, substantive feedback will help your peer in development of their understanding of the material.

Present your work in APA style with  primary and secondary source citations, as needed,  and to include references.

Remember, we will not actually be conducting this study, so there are no worries about how you will get it done. We are only exploring ideas and learning about the process involved in creating original research. 

Example for this discussion:

Here is an example of what the first part of the assignment might look like this week.  Please DO copy this format. Notice the multiple citations in the paragraph presenting the GAP in the literature.  The GAP and research idea should be your own idea based on the existing literature you are citing. There should be a logical connection between the existing work, the GAP, and your hypothesis. Although this paragraph is presenting work from an existing study with their GAP, it is included to demonstrate the presentation of the material and logical flow to the GAP (or purpose) and hypothesis.

1.  An important issue for children and families is whether educational television and media help children to learn.  There is clear evidence that high quality educational programming (such as Sesame Street) fosters learning in preschool and school-aged children (e.g., Anderson, Huston, Schmitt, Linebarger & Wright, 2001; Naigles & Mayeux, 2001; Rice, Huston, Truglio, & Wright, 1990 as cited in Dayanim & Namy, 2015).  However, the research on infant learning has been less clear, with some research suggesting that exposing infants to television and video may be harmful to babies’ development Chonchaiya & Pruksananonda, 2008; Linebarger & Walker, 2005; Zimmerman, Christakis, & Meltzoff, 2007a, as cited in Dayanim & Namy, 2015) .  As a result, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents avoid exposing children under 2 to television (AAP, 2011, as cited in Dayanim & Namy, 2015) . Despite this, most parents expose their infants to media for either entertainment or educational purposes, and the sales of infant-targeted educational videos are flourishing (Vaala, et al. 2010; Zimmerman, Christakis, & Meltzoff, 2007b, as cited in Dayanim & Namy, 2015 ). Several studies that have tested infants’ ability to learn words from videos have found no evidence of learning above and beyond what infants are already learning through everyday language exposure (e.g. DeLoache et al., 2010; Robb et al., 2009, as cited in Dayanim & Namy, 2015). This may be the result of  a lack of control to the target exposure.  Thus, the purpose of this study is to use “baby signs” as a means of providing controlled exposure of word learning to infants.

2. H1: Infants exposed to ASL signs for words from video will exhibit significantly more knowledge of  signs than will infants not exposed to ASL signs for words from video .

Ho: Infants exposed to signs from video will not exhibit evidence of word learning from video more so than the infants who were not exposed to signs.

3. IV = Exposure to Sign Videos

DV = Sign knowledge

4. IV categorical = Exposure to signs  / No Exposed to signs

DV continuous= the number of signs learned

If you are interested in learning more about this study that is now complete, watch this video: Emory University Child Study Center  or download the article:


Dayanim, S. and Namy, L. L. (2015), Infants

Learn Baby Signs From Video. Child Development, 86: 800–811. doi: 10.1111/cdev.12340

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