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Looking Ahead to the Capstone Portfolio

Looking Ahead to the Capstone Portfolio

Looking Ahead to the Capstone Portfolio


There is a connection between the first week’s work, all the work in between, and the Capstone Portfolio.

Recall the Practicing Curation  (Links to an external site.)exercise. For that assignment, you created a little museum exhibit about yourself. The Capstone Portfolio assignment which is due in the last weeks of class, asks you to do something similar. But instead of assembling found objects from your home to make a museum exhibit that tells a story about you, you’ll assemble work from this class to make a portfolio that tells a story about you.Step 1: Read the Capstone Portfolio and Reflective Letter Instructions. As you read, think about which items you’ve written so far in class  — mood board, resume, video-selfie, cover letter etc. — that you might want to polish and revise for the Capstone Portfolio.Step 2: Make a list of at least three initial questions about this big end-of-the-semester assignment. Is there something that puzzles you? Unfamiliar words or ideas? There is no word count minimum but to earn all available points, you must have at least 3 different questions that reflect your careful reading of the Capstone Portfolio Instructions.

Here’s how you’ll be graded

Weekly Assignment Specifications Checklist

To earn all available points for the week’s assignment,  your submission must include all elements listed below. If your goal for this course is to earn an A, be sure to check off your completion of each element.


  • Answers parts of the assignment prompt and expresses ideas clearly and in your own words
  • Demonstrates careful attention to the assigned reading (or viewing) and/or research
  • Includes at least one quote from the reading (or viewing) and/or research.
  • Entry must meet the word count minimum specified in the instructions.

Document Specs

  • Follows standard professional document formatting (1″ margins on all sides, double spacing, a professional font such as Times New Roman or Calibri, 12pt font)
  • Submitted by the Due Date


  • Demonstrates sufficient self-review to avoid careless errors like typos, misspellings, missing words, sentences without standard capitalization or punctuation.
Assignment Grading Rubric

Grading Rubric Table

Excellent work

Almost there

Insufficient investment of time


Satisfies each element on the specifications checklist AND appears to be the product of careful thinking.

Quote is selected to highlight one of your main points about the assigned reading. Research results suggest effort and attention.

Answers are responsive to the questions, thoughtful, specific, and share your thinking as it stands right now. (You can change your mind in later Diary entries.)

Satisfies each element on the specifications checklist but may have been hastily written. Reads like a rush job, rather than a series of careful ideas, flowing from one to the next.

Often the quote from the reading appears to have been selected without care or obvious logic and/or research conducted in haste; not a genuine inquiry.

Repetition or vagueness undermine the submission’s power.

Misses one or more elements from the specifications checklist.

Reads like something you slapped together and “phoned in,” rather than a series of careful ideas, flowing one to the next.

Missing quote or research

Repetition or vagueness undermine the submission’s power.

Document Specs

Satisfies each element on the specifications checklist.

Misses one element on the specifications checklist.

Misses more than one element on the specifications checklist.


Demonstrates sufficient self-review to avoid careless errors

Contains one or two careless errors that the writer could have caught by reviewing the work more carefully

Contains more than two errors that the writer could have caught by reviewing the work more carefully. Work that sacrifices points here often contains misspelling that Spellcheck flagged, sentences that don’t make sense because of missing words, proper nouns that haven’t been capitalized. (Ex: florida International University).


Starting work on the Capstone Portfolio Discussion Board

No unread replies.11 reply.

IDS4890 Starting work on the Capstone Portfolio


It is time to start preparing the near-final version of your Capstone Portfolio (Discussion Board) that you’ll share with the class for peer feedback. You’ll submit your final-version Capstone Portfolio and your portfolio reflection letter privately to me for a grade in Finals Week.

Begin your Capstone work now — as part of your portfolio you’ll need to prepare and revise three items (artifacts) that tell a particular story about you.

Here is the List of approved portfolio items (artifacts) that you can choose from:

  • Resume
  • Branding Moodboard
  • Personal Statement
  • Cover letter template
  • Detailed summary of your work and/ or volunteer experience
  • Curriculum summary
  • Plan for the future
  • Video practice interview

But what particular story about yourself should you tell?

What To Post on the Discussion Board

For this post: first, review the list of guiding questions (below).

And then discuss which question (or questions) your portfolio will answer. To think about how your artifacts tell a story about you — a story that is intentional and that you want to tell — you’ll also need to think about what artifacts you might revise fro inclusion in your Portfolio. You can change your mind later about artifacts and the question those artifacts answer about you, as you begin to assemble the portfolio. Right now the goal is to really think about this part of the Portfolio task.

Guiding Questions

The three artifacts you pick must show something about you. What they show is up to you, but here are some guiding questions that might help you decide:

  • Are there items that, when put together, demonstrate what you value in life?
  • Are there items that, when put together, demonstrate how you’ve made your Liberal Studies degree work for you?
  • Are there items that, when put together, illustrate your career goals and the progress you’ve made towards achieving those specific goals?
  • Are there items that, when put together, illustrate the kind of work or the kind of intellectual pursuits you find rewarding?
  • Are there items that, when put together, show a transformation you’ve undergone?
  • Are there items that, when put together, show who you are as a student?
  • Are there items that, when put together, show what sets you apart from other IDS majors?
  • Are there items that, when put together, show something else?

Remember, these questions are meant to give you ideas. However, you can tell a story that isn’t represented in the questions above.

The key, though, is that the items actually tell a story. In other words, the selection of artifacts in your portfolio should not feel haphazard or random. Imagine that the reader of this portfolio only gets to see these three items and never sees anything else about you or by you: what would they think about you from these three items? That’s what you have control over here. You get to decide WHAT you want the portfolio to say about you, then you must pick three items that convey that message.

Your initial post must be at least 200 words long.

Always read the point distribution and word count specification for discussion board posts — this distribution may be different for later Discussion Board Post assignments.

Here’s how you’ll be assessed on this assignment: 

  • Content: Did you follow all parts of the instructions:
    • Satisfy the minimum word count?
    • Is your submission thorough and complete?  (10 points)
  • Quality: Does your post seem to indicate effort? Does it seem like you proofread? If the instructions ask you to make connections, do you? (4 points)
  • Peer Responses: Do you make quality comments on your peers’ posts, paying attention to instructions about commenting? (6 points)

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