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Discussion – Choosing Your Words

Discussion – Choosing Your Words

  1. Download and read the article “What is the Definition of OD?” by Smendzuik-O’Brien and Gilpin-Jackson (2021).
  2. Download and review the Excel file Defining Terms in the Virtuous Business Model(Excel spreadsheet).
    1. Note there are three worksheets in the Excel file: (1) VBM, (2) VBM Definitions, and (3) References.
  3. Review the Virtuous Business Model (VBM), especially taking note of all the words embedded in the model, including the additional words heading each angle.
  4. Select 10 words in the Virtuous Business Model to conduct a Boolean search for definitions and to critically analyze their form (and use).
  5. Use the Excel worksheet that is like the one used by Smendzuik-O’Brien and Gilpin-Jackson (2021) to compile your VBM word definition searches. Refer to the example listing for ‘Social Capital’ in the VBM Definitions worksheet.
    1. Definitions. Locate and place into the Excel file three types of definitions for at least 10 words currently shown in the VBM model:
      1. Dictionary definition
      2. Popular Journal, Magazine, or Trade/Industry definition
      3. Scholarly definition
    2. Word Form. For each of the 10 words you selected, identify the present form of the word in the VBM model (i.e., noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, conjunction, interjection) in the designated column of the Excel worksheet.
      1. Be, Know, Do. For each of the 10 words you selected, determine if the present form of the word matches its correlate: Be, Know, Do. For example, the word associated with ‘respectful’ is ‘be’ and the determination would be that there is good correlation: “be respectful” is proper English.
    3. Remain, Revise or Replace. After you have defined each of the 10 words and identified their current form, complete the Remain, Revise, and Replace columns in the Excel file. For each word, identify if it should
      1. remain in its present form as shown in the VBM,
      2.  be revised in a different form (e.g., rather than be formatted as a noun, be revised to a verb), or
      3. be replaced with a synonym or a different word altogether.
  6. Write your initial post in response to the following prompts in a minimum of 250–300 words:
    1. Remain, Revise, Replace. Explain your decision to keep all words the same or to revise or replace specific words.
    2. Virtuous Business Model. How has this exercise impacted your understanding of the VBM?
    3. Lessons Learned. In the text How to Critique Journal Articles in the Social Sciences, Harris (2014) discusses arbitrariness, definitional discord, and definitional diversity in Chapter 3—Defining Key Terms.
      1. Based on your experiential learning in this assignment, what lessons have you learned?
      2. Were there any surprise findings?
      3. How will you apply new learning to your ADP research?
  7. Use Grammarly to edit your discussion post and classmate response before submitting.
  8. Submit your initial post by day 5 of the workshop.
  9. Upload the completed Excel file: Defining Terms in the Virtuous Business Model.
  10. Use APA for all citations and references in the uploaded documents and the discussion forum postings.
  11. Read and respond to at least one of your classmates’ postings by the end of the workshop.
  12. Facilitate engaging dialogue and evidence critical thinking when addressing your classmate’s posting. Utilize one or more of the following ways to engage in scholarly dialogue and expand learning around the topics in this workshop:
    1. Extension: Expand the discussion.
    2. Relevancy: Relate the topic to a current event.
    3. Exploratory: Probe facts and basic knowledge.
    4. Challenge: Interrogate assumptions, conclusions or interpretations.
    5. Relational: Make comparisons or contrasts of themes, ideas, or issues.
    6. Diagnostic: Probe motives or causes.
    7. Action: Identify application or an action in personal or work life.
    8. Cause & Effect: Cite causal relationships between ideas, actions or events.
    9. Hypothetical: Pose a change in the facts or issues.
    10. Priority: Seek to identify the most important issues.
    11. Summary: Elicit synthesis

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