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Defend the scope as the backbone of any project and why it must be accurately assessed by the project manager

Defend the scope as the backbone of any project and why it must be accurately assessed by the project manager


Defend the scope as the backbone of any project and why it must be accurately assessed by the project manager.

A successful DNP project is an  outcome of a well-defined scope. In every project, the scope is the backbone of the project. The scope will define the goals, deadlines, and relationships that builds the project. It is imperative for the scope of the project to be thoroughly assessed by the project manager in other to achieve a successful outcome. When problems arise during a project, it is often linked to the scope of the project. A well-defines goal will enhance the project manager to keep tract of every project and to allocate labor and cost accurately to complete the project without waste of resources. Leadership is an integral aspect of a project. Leadership and commitment are vital factors in the success of any project. To be committed to a project requires adequate understanding of the scope of the project. Hence, having a well- defines project scope is very crucial. However, an undefined scope is a dilemma and setback to the project as it could result in unnecessary delays, waste of resources, and increase the projected cost of the project.  Having adequate knowledge of the scope of the project post consultation with the stakeholders regarding the scope of the project is significant. The initial step will be writing a formal scope statement. The stakeholders then sign off on the scope statement, this is critical as it will prevent midway changes during implementation which could be chaotic. Planning project goal and objectives of a project allow the team and stakeholders to have a roadmap to the desired project goal. Utilizing value mapping can help prevent the project from missing deadlines, exceeding target budgets, and not achieving the desired outcome (Chugani et al., 2017; Laureani & Antony, 2018).

Describe how issues that occur during a project are frequently related to the scope. Examine how poorly defined project scope statements are often linked to project problems, or even to failed projects.

Several issues occur during a project that frequently relates to the scope. This usually occur when the features of a project expands from the original features either intentionally or unintentionally.  This is a challenge that could happened to any project as this could result in increased cost, unnecessary waste of resources, un-satisfaction, and un-met project expectations. Research shows that a poor written scope statement pose a great risk to a project. A scope statement that is poorly defined could result in delay in accomplishing the project’s goal and objectives. It is significant for the stakeholders to acknowledge a written scope statement that defines the objectives of the project until completion. Poorly defined project scope statement are often linked to project problem, or even failed projects because of reasons such as:  project member is unclear about the scope of the project, trying to develop  what  was not included in the scope statement.  Having a well-defined scope will enable the project manager to eliminate waste in time, confusion,  and resources which will result in decrease cost  and increase productivity. A well-defined project scope  with  set goals by the project manager and inputs from stakeholders will prevent waste of resources and result in a positive outcome of desired  project goal (Ajmal et al., 2020; Evans 2019).


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